Party Executive

Rick Dykstra
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Richard Ciano
Past President
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Jag Badwal
1st Vice President | Organization Chair
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Kaydee Richmond
3rd Vice President | Policy Chair
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Luca Bucci
4th Vice President | Constitution Chair
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Elanor Brodie
5th Vice President
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Zack Goldford
6th Vice President
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Marc Marzotto
7th Vice President | Membership Chair
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Gaggan Gill
8th Vice President
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Alanna Newman
9th Vice President
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Heather Kenny
Regional Vice President - Central East
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Kevin Weatherbee
Regional Vice President - Central West
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Thomas DeGroot
Regional Vice President - East
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Aaron Hopkins
Regional Vice President - GTA East
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Tony Vella
Regional Vice President - GTA West
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Derek Parks
Regional Vice President - North 1
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Diane Suski
Regional Vice President - North 2
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Jason Pollock
Regional Vice President - South Central
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Matthew Rae
Regional Vice President - South West
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Justin Van Dette
Regional Vice President - Toronto
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Sandra Larmour
President, PC Women in Politics
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Marisa Maslink
President, Ontario PC Campus Association
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Kinsey Schurm
President, Ontario PC Youth Association
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Jim Kwan
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Abraham Elias
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