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Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader
Here’s what I believe: Government is not just about politics and policies; it’s about people and potential.
Ontarians want good jobs, a chance to earn higher pay, public services of which we can all be proud, safe communities to live and work in and a future in which our children are better off than we are today.
We have a plan to create one million good-paying jobs and get Ontario working better.
Where we are now
Ontario is in a jobs and debt crisis. Our high level of unemployment, reckless overspending and ballooning debt didn’t happen overnight –– nor did it achieve that status by accident. 
Slide right to see just a few of the staggering stats about the challenges Ontario faces and why we need to change our course to create jobs and rebuild our economy.
The number of manufacturing jobs lost since 2003.
The number of people who left Ontario and moved to Western Canada since 2003.
The number of consecutive years Ontario’s jobless rate has been higher than the national average. Also the number of consecutive years the government has spent more money than it has taken in.
The number of men and women in Ontario today without a job
$46 billion
The total cost of Ontario’s subsidies for wind and solar power. 
$289 Billion
The total amount of debt accumulated by the Government of Ontario (it’s doubled under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne).
$1 billion
The amount of new debt the Ontario government adds every month.
The average travel time in minutes, to and from work, in the GTA –- the longest commute in North America.
Creating a million new jobs starts with a plan
When it comes to jobs, big achievements start with bold goals. That’s why we are proposing a plan that will help create one million jobs over the next eight years. It’s an ambitious target, but Ontario has done it before in the late 90s. We believe that Ontarians’ drive, hard work and skills will enable us to meet this goal again.
Watch Robert’s Story
Robert owns a small business in Hamilton, Ontario. His company has been in business for over 20 years and employs over 25 people. Robert is concerned that skyrocketing energy costs will hurt businesses like his, and could force manufacturers to shut their doors or move to another province or state.
Watch Kailan’s Story
Kailan is a mother and a hairddresser. Although she’s great at her jobs, she’s concerned that not being able to pass the College of Trades’ bureaucratic written exam will leave her unemployed. Kailan has a mortgage and is worried about what would happen if she lost her job –– just like millions of other Ontarians.
A Jobs Powerhouse
Ontario has a fundamental need for more jobs with higher pay. We all need opportunities for ourselves and for our children, so our families can afford homes, so we can send our kids to college or university and so we can have the security that employment brings.
Slide to the right to see the actions we will take to turn Ontario back into a jobs powerhouse and create a million new, good-paying, jobs.
Increase opportunities in skilled trades
Do away with outdated apprenticeship rules that limit the number of job opportunities in the trades.
Make Energy Affordable
Hydro rates are forecast to increase by 42% over the next 5 years. Ontario already has the highest energy prices for industry in North America, and higher prices will drive business out of Ontario. We will change that by stopping expensive power subsidies, reducing costly bureaucracy and investing in more affordable sources of energy.
Get GTA traffic moving again
We need to fix the transit and transportation problems that clog the GTA and leave commuters stuck in traffic. That means building better transit and better roads. We will put the province in charge of all rail-based transit and major highways in the GTA, and we will better connect Toronto and the “905” region. We will do it without raising taxes.
More actions we’ll take to create jobs
Replace corporate welfare with lower taxes
We will replace corporate welfare programs that benefit only a few firms with a business tax reduction that treats all business equally. We will reduce taxes by 30% – making them the lowest in North America and attracting more job creators here.
Save small business time and money
We will eliminate rules and regulations that don’t benefit consumers, workers or employers, by reducing the total by one-third over three years. Government shouldn’t meddle in every aspect of our lives and our business.
Compete for skilled Immigrants
Ontario should be the destination of choice for the world’s best and brightest. We will concentrate on proven initiatives that match job-ready new Canadians with skills-hungry Ontario employers.
Reduce the tax burden on Ontario Families
We will lower the income tax burden to leave a little bit more money in the family budget at the end of each month. 
Generate public dollars for the public good
We will allow Ontario and Canadian pension plans to invest in government-owned businesses like the LCBO, Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation to raise the billions of dollars we need to improve and expand Ontario’s subways and highways.
Create jobs and growth in Northern and Rural Ontario
A job in the North or in our rural areas is just as important as a job in our cities. We will grow jobs in Northern and rural Ontario by eliminating unneeded government regulations, improving access to skilled trades and distributing gas tax revenue more fairly.
Read about every job-creating action
These are just a few of the actions we will take to create a million new jobs in Ontario, but there are even more actions in our plan.
Get the full plan to find out what else we will do to create jobs, and learn more about how the Million Jobs Plan benefits you.
A government we can afford
Businesses are only willing to invest and create jobs when they see a stable government with a sustainable budget. An Ontario PC government will balance the budget within two years. Difficult decisions must be made, but delay doesn’t make those decisions any easier.
Ontario’s Debt Increase Under the Liberals
Increase of provincial debt from 2003 – 2017
How we make government more affordable
See what Tim has to say about how we make government more affordable, create jobs and get Ontario working better.
The current government has let the deficit get so large that it can’t be eliminated by economic growth or reducing spending alone. We need both. Reducing spending is a critical first step that helps create the job expansion required to wipe out the deficit.
Actions we will take for a government we can afford
Reduce government spending
We will review every government program, keep those that work, fix those that require it and cancel the ones that don’t give taxpayers good value.
Shrink the cabinet
We will reduce the number of ministries and the number of cabinet positions from 27 to 16. In a legislature of 107 MPPs, we don’t need 27 people responsible for spending decisions. We will also tie ministers’ salaries to specific performance goals, like reducing the regulatory burden on job creators and meeting budget targets.
Stop the runaway growth of government wages
We will implement a two-year pay freeze, by legislation if necessary, that will apply to all public servants, including MPPs, senior civil servants and the more than 4,000 collective bargaining agreements across the entire public sector as part of our comprehensive plan to control government spending.
Bring balance back to government benefits
We will bring government benefits in line with those in the private sector while ensuring that the pensions already earned by government workers will be protected.
Reduce the size of government payroll
We will decrease the number of positions on the government payroll by 100,000, about 10 percent. That’s the size the government was as recently as 2009. Vital frontline services such as those performed by nurses, doctors and police will not be affected.
Encourage better service through competition
We will get the best price for services government provides you. We will open contracts to competition, to get the best deal for taxpayers, for as many government services as possible.
We will refocus government on jobs that only government can and should do. This will mean a smaller civil service – one that sets clear goals, measures outcomes and rewards excellence and high performance.
Better services for Ontarians
By making government more affordable, reducing bureaucracy and focusing on results, we will deliver better services for Ontarians for today and for the future.
A better approach to health care
Health care is the provincial government’s most important responsibility. Our plan for a strong economy and a government that lives within its means will give us the ability to deliver better health care.
Slide to the right to see the actions we will take as part of a better approach to health care for Ontarians.
Put a new focus on chronic care
We will build a health care system that treats chronic diseases, ones that patients have to live with over long periods of time, as the leading health challenge of our time. We will create chronic care centres of excellence and will increase home-based care for patients with chronic conditions.
Move health closer to home
We will deliver care closer to home by expanding home care and long-term care availability, and by promoting more types of care in the home. We will also update the scope of practice for pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other professionals, to allow treatment where it is most convenient for patients, particularly seniors.
Encourage choice and competition
We will give patients more choice in the health services they receive under their OHIP coverage. We will also allow patients receiving home care services like housekeeping and personal support to choose whether to have the government purchase home care for them (which happens today), or whether to use the same money to hire the home care of their choice.
Use evidence to improve results and value
We will focus health care decisions on evidence, to improve the quality of care we receive and the value we get from the tax dollars that pay for it. We will dramatically enhance patient databases, with full privacy protection, to enable doctors and researchers to identify and improve the treatments that lead to the best health outcomes at the best cost. 
Make mental health care a priority
We will stop the treatment of mental health care as an afterthought in the system. Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. We will take the fragmented services now offered and replace them with a comprehensive approach to help some of our most vulnerable citizens.
Keep our children active
We will ensure that our children get 45 minutes of physical activity every weekday, through school-based activities and after-school sports. Active kids live happier and healthier lives, and they learn better too. We recognize that good health is about more than just health care. 
Preparing our children for the future
We all want a great education for our kids. We send them to school every day so they can learn and grow. Our plan focuses on concrete steps that improve student achievement, especially in the areas we have been falling behind, like math. Simply put: our schools exist to give our children the best possible education and the best shot at a successful life. That principle underlies everything we will do in education.
Slide to the right to see the actions we will take to better prepare our children for the future.
Raise the Bar for our students
The current test score standards for competence in reading, writing and math assume that one-quarter of our children won’t master these basic skills.
We will raise these targets, introduce province-wide standardized testing for Grade 8 science and introduce a strong financial literacy curriculum.
Improve achievement in math
We will give every student a top quality math education, turning around the decline in our students’ math scores over the last ten years.
Protect Core Education
We will protect the core services that our children rely on by reducing some non-core areas of spending. In Ontario, we spend $8.5 billion more on education than we did 10 years ago, to teach 250,000 fewer students. In education, like all areas of government, choices have to be made about what approaches offer the best results.
Help those who need it most
We will invest in schools and individual students who need the extra help. Too many students are struggling to meet the provincial standards.